STORE HOUSE COMPANY is established by writer and director, Shingo Kimura in 1994.
Since then, keep seeking new style of modern theatre unconstrained by existing theater style.
The representative performances, “Boxes”, “Rope”, “Territory”, “Remains”, “Ceremony”, “PARADE” performed since1998 is not what performers develop story by line and play the character in the story, but create stage space itself by constant “movement” by performers.
Stage changes movement or form by performers, squirm, and stage space itself keep changing.
Begin by Suwon Hwasong International Theater Festival(Korea) in 1999, increase their active in foreign counties, such as Russia in 2001, Cairo International Experimental Theater festival (Egypt) in 2002, Soul Marginal Theater Festival(Korea) in 2002 and 2005, Germany-Switzerland tour in 2004, Indonesia tour in 2007, Russia 5-cities tour in 2007.  After that, we performed in Korea, China etc.
And we continue to make and perform new work.





Director Profile
Born in 1957
December 1984
As leader of the theater group Shichitensha, opened a studio in Tokyo.
For the next ten years, was active as a scenarist and director.
August 1994
Disbanded his theater group, Shichitensha. Established the theater EKODA STORE HOUSE; the Store House Theater research institute; and the theater group Store House Company.
June 2011
Established the theater UENO STORE HOUSE. 
Continues his work in theater management, actor training, production of works by Store House Company, Physical Theater Festival as the president, production of works for in cooperation with other groups.    
And in 2013, he starts theater festival as “STORE HOUSE Collection ”.  
He continue to hold the festival and direct his production.